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Research and Development

vi-Research and Development

26/10/2020 8:45:37 AM | 110

We are capable of designing, proceeding the twin screw extruders and related equipment. We have created various product made of meat-like fibrous texture with several techniques, including screw configuration, temperature control,operating parameters, die design and recipes through kneading, shearing,heating and pressurizing.

Our techniques involve the production of textured vegetable protein meat substitute and with the responsibility for the environment,ecology and public health.

We also seek feedbacks from clients and dedicate to improving and developing innovative products.

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  • vi-Management Objectives

    ProVege (Jiaxing) Food Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of textured vegetable protein with the best quality in China,   We have completed product lines. Our products are delicious, nutritious, and good for health.We insist to provide high quality products and complete after-sale service to customers.

  • vi-Company history

    • 2007           Established in Jiaxing
    • 2008           Started the product of vegetarian products
    • 2010          Obtained ISO22000 and HACCP related certificates   
    • 2010           Exported to Slovenia and South East Asia
    • 2010           Launched snack "Vegan Jerky"
    • 2017           Began construction of new facility
    • 2019           Relocated to new factory
  • vi-Environment

    The work environment plays an important role in maintaining quality. To fulfill sustainable development,   we started to build a whole new factory since 2017 and relocated in 2019. The facility is more than 20,000 square meter, with high capacity and clean environment.